Moyo Natural Labs 3.4oz Travel Bottles Flip Cap

Travel bottles

In the modern world, most people have been considering and in fact some are already taking travelling as one of the most exciting parts of their lives. Some people need a place somewhere to balance the tension, relax the nerves and unwind from stress. Whethere it’s business plans or simply using the time for adventure with friends, MoYo Natural Labs Clear Plastic Travel Bottles are convenient, secure and last a long time. When you traveling, shampoo travel bottles are known to be one of the most important items one must bring.

Below outlines a product review of one of the best-selling travel bottles with its specific features, usage and pricing. The product that is specifically reviewed here is Moyo Natural Labs 3.4oz Travel Bottle Flip Cap 3Pk of Empty Plastic 3.4 Oz Travel bottles

Travel bottles

  • Feature: This is made of environmentally friendly PET, with flip top making this very user friendly. This cylinder is clear enough making all the milliliter markings very visible. The size is enough to accommodate the 100 ml permitted allowance. This is FDA approved for this is a BPA free product made in the USA. The package does not include the clear pouch.


  • Usage:This can be used for storing any kind of food, oils, vingar, honey, shampoo, perfume, hair gel, conditioner, lotion and more. FDA approved and Made in the USA


  • Pricing and Availability: This is available right now at 6.99 USD for one package set and is free for delivery for orders higher than 35 USD. At the current price you can save 2.99 USD as this was priced as 9.95 USD.


Travel Bottle


The above details are most likely the reason why a lot of online buyers love to purchase this product compared to the other travel bottles brands. Not to take into strict consideration that this does not go with a clear pouch unlike the other brands, but one can still find alternative containers to stack these travel bottles in or they can just get a pouch of their choice. The most important point to consider here is the portability of these travel bottles. As this is approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), then this means this is safe to carry anywhere even on flights. You don’t need to worry anymore about placing this separately on your baggage since you can just hand carry this.

So what can a user benefit out of this? The answer is simple. They can always use liquids that they need to have most of the times like hand sanitizer, or oil, honey, food or maybe water in general. They don’t need to worry of leaks since as per general review these bottles are leak proof. No matter how tight your whole bag is you can just push these bottles in and you are guaranteed that your things are still dry the next time you check your bag. Other people would say; why bother purchasing a travel bottle when you can just buy those items from stores and maybe you can just use the default container of your favorite shampoo or hand sanitizer? The answer would still go back to these travel bottle features. This is approved by the TSA so this is airline compliant and are leak proof.

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