How to Soothe a Teething Baby at Night

teething baby

It feels good to be a mother. However, it comes with responsibilities. You need to take care of your child mostly at a tender age (below two years). During this age, the baby’s teeth develop and come in. When your baby gets to the teething stage, you need to know that he might be feeling some pain. The pain can last a month before and even after the teeth have come in. The teeth have to come through the gum, and that is why they must feel some pain. Below is a brief discussion of how you can soothe a teething baby at night.

teething baby

Give the baby something cold to chew on


During the night the pain can be more intense, and that is why you need to soothe the baby to ensure that he sleeps. Cold calms the nerves, and that helps to reduce the pain. You need to give a baby something cold to chew on to calm the nerves in the gums. This helps to get rid of the pain, and the baby can slip comfortably. There are many chewing toys, and you can also use a clean rag. The most important thing is to ensure that they don’t swallow the items; be careful.


Massage the gums


If you want your child to sleep well during teething, you must massage his gums. The massage will ease the pain, and the baby can sleep comfortably. You can use a clean finger but make sure to be gentle. On top of that, you can use a clean rag but make sure it is cold.


Try chamomile tea


Chamomile tea comes with a dozen benefits. It can help reduce inflammation, calms nerves and can boost your baby’s immune system. You need to put the tea in a feeding bottle, and you are ready to go. The tea will make the baby sleep in minutes. The only problem with chamomile tea is that it should be given to babies above the age of 6 months.


Breastfeed the baby


We all know how babies like breastfeeding. If your teething baby can’t sleep, breast-feed him, and he will sleep. When he wakes up, again breast-feed him, and he will finally fall asleep until morning. Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to soothe your baby.


Create a calm and warm environment


Your baby needs a calm environment when he is in pain. You should give him a warm bath and take him to his sleeping nest. Make the sleeping nest very comfortable, and the baby will have high chances of sleeping. Having a set pattern of sleep can always make your baby know it’s bedtime no matter the pain.




You need to soothe your baby when teeth start to come in. Pain is normal, but you must help the baby to sleep comfortably mostly at night. Use the above tips, and you will help your baby in one of the difficult stages in life.

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