How to Create a Nutritious Vegan Protein Smoothie

vegan protein smoothie

Eating healthy is not an option but a must if you want to live a healthy life.  A healthy meal should have all the essential nutrients you require for growth and development. You require proteins to build and maintain lean muscles. Normal meals may not provide enough proteins for your body needs. That is why you need to make a protein smoothie to boost your protein intake. There are several factors you need to consider before making your smoothie. The factors include the concentration of proteins and other essential nutrients you require. Below is a detailed discussion of how you can make a healthy and nutritious vegan protein smoothie.

vegan protein smoothie

Factors to consider

If you want to make a healthy protein smoothie, you must consider the nutrients you want. This will help you get the right ingredients. If you want a high plant protein smoothie, you should consider using plant products that are rich in essential amino acids. Some of these plant products include peas, brown rice, pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts among others. If you want a smoothie that is rich in vitamins, mineral as well as other nutrients, you should add fruits such as mangoes, banana, and vegetables like spinach. Also, consider what is available, and the time you want to take it, and you will make the best smoothie.


Ingredients to use to make a vegan protein smoothie

  • Almond milk – This milk will provide vitamin E as well as calcium. On top of that, you can get a variety that is fortified with vitamin B12, A and D.
  • Mango – Mangoes are rich in minerals such as copper and potassium. On top of that, they have Vitamins such as Vitamin C, A, B9, E, K and B6.
  • Banana – Banana is a good source of vitamin B6. Also, the fruit has moderate amounts of vitamin C, manganese and potassium.
  • Pumpkin seeds – These seeds are rich in essential amino acids. Also, the seeds come with minerals such as zinc, iron, potassium and a lot more.
  • Baby Spinach – Baby spinach is rich in Vitamin K, A and C.
  • Hemp Hearts – Hemp is packed with essential amino acids your body needs for building muscles. On top of that, it has essential fatty acids and other helpful nutrients.



You need a blender to make this smoothie. Layer the spinach at the bottom, add banana as well as mangoes pieces. On top of that, add the pumpkin seeds and the hemp hearts. When you have layered all these ingredients in that order, add almond milk. Blend for at least 3 minutes to make the smoothie really smooth.  After that, you can serve and take your smoothie, and you will have increased your protein, minerals and other nutrients intake.


When is the best time to take this smoothie?

You can take this smoothie for breakfast. On top of that, you can take it after training sessions to give your muscles essential nutrients it requires to recover. The vegan protein smoothie is better than many protein supplements you can find on the market.


A review of the best plant protein; Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein

 Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Vanilla Powder


If you can’t make a vegan smoothie, you can go ahead and buy Raw Organic Protein by Garden of Life. This supplement is rich in clean protein and vitamins such as A, D, K and E. The plant protein supplement is essential for post-workout recovery. It will help your muscles recover from wear and tear, and grow strong. You can get this plant protein on Amazon and many other online markets at friendly prices.


  • Highly effective for muscle recovery
  • Rich in minerals and vitamins
  • Free of sugars and harmful ingredients


  • You need to use it consistently to build lean muscles


Final thoughts

You can easily make a vegan protein smoothie at the comfort of your home using the above tips. If you don’t have the ingredients needed, you can buy Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein as it has all the essential amino acids and other nutrients you require. Raw Organic Protein is all you need after a workout session for muscle recovery and growth.

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