Full Tang Survival Knife Buying Guide



If I’d have to choose THE one tool to have with it me in a survival situation, there’s no doubt that I’d choose a full tang survival knife.

Why full tang? you may ask. Well, you should be aware of the fact that a true survival knife must be able to perform a variety of heavy-duty jobs such as digging, chopping wood, carving, cutting/slicing, prying, hammering, etc… The list is endless, these are just a few basic tasks a good survival knife must be capable of performing without breaking.

What’s most important for you is knowing how to choose the adequate tool, the one that’s capable of doing well in every situation imaginable.

Why to go for a Full Tang Survival Knife?

A full tang is that one feature that makes for a virtually indestructible knife. Full tang means that the blade and the handle are made from the same piece of steel. This makes for a robust construction, capable of enduring all types of punishment without breaking.

The best full tang survival knives feature these elements: high quality steel (the best one is high carbon stainless steel like VG 10), a thick blade and an adequate heat treatment. In short, you should go for a full tang survival knife made by a reputable company.

My top 5 best full tang survival knives


1. The KA-BAR USMC Utility Knife is almost an iconic knife, being in service for decades and proven in action in the military since WW2. Obviously, this is a full tang knife with a 7 inches long blade (made of 1095 Cro-van steel)and it’s one of the most preferred knives in the world by both survivalists and special forces. This is a pretty large knife, built very strong and it’s basically a working horse in a shtf situation. Having a solid pommel at the end of the stacked leather handle, it can be used for hammering/batoning/chopping wood and due to its strong blade, it’s perfectly capable of taking any amount of punishment. The blade keeps an edge very well and it’s easy to sharpen. With a classic design and a very attractive price tag, the KA-BAR is my first choice when it comes to full tang survival knives. < Click here for customers reviews and pricing >


2. Tom Brown Tracker is a completely different animal and one of my favourite knives ever, especially due to its cool design. The Tracker was designed by an expert survivalist (hence the name) and its main qualities derive from its peculiar design. This is the perfect tool for wilderness survival, being very adequate for tasks like chopping and digging, due to the shape of the blade. On the back of the blade you can see that mini saw that makes this knife a veritable survival tool. The steel used in the Tracker is 1095 High Carbon Alloy RC-58 and the handle material is black linen Micarta. I first saw this cool knife in a movie, The Hunted and I was flabbergasted, to say the least. Highly recommended! < Click here for customers reviews and pricing >


Tops-Knives-T010-Tom-Brown-tracker-3. My third pick comes from a company that’s well known for making high quality knives : SOG SEAL Team Knife is a full tang survival knife built for use and abuse! And I’m not exaggerating a bit. This baby was designed for perfect edge retention in any circumstances : hammering, chopping, penetration, prying, cutting, you name it. It’s also resistant to salt water, torsion and extreme heat due to its strong build and high end materials : Partially serrated, fixed 7-inch AUS-8 steel blade and a glass reinforced nylon handle. < Click here for customers reviews and pricing >


4. Cold Steel SRK comes from my favorite knife maker and the acronym stands for “survival rescue knife”. This is a versatile full tang survival knife with a 6 inches long blade, a fat blade that is (3/16” thick) capable of enduring any kind of abuse. The blade is forged of (Japan made) AUS 8A stainless steel and has a Teflon coating, that protects the blade from elements and also reduces glare. There’s a single quillon finger guard and an immensely grippy Kraton handle that’s as ergonomic as they come. You can use this knife for all kinds of tasks : slashing, cutting, chopping but also for finer jobs, due to its well designed clip point. < Click here for customers reviews and pricing >


Fallkniven-A1-Survival-knife5. Last but not least, here comes a high end full tang survival knife from the Swedish manufacturer Fallkniven : the A1. Fallkniven is not as popular as KA-BAR or Cold Steel, but nevertheless they make awesome knives and the A1 is no exception. Having a 6.3 inches long blade made of high end steel (VG10) and a Kraton handle, with a lanyard hole and a finger guard, if money are no object to you, this is the nec plus ultra when it comes to survival knives, mark my words folks. I can say that the A1 is an indestructible knife and it can be used for heavy duty jobs due to its extremely hard laminated steel blade. You can use the A1 for chopping, batoning, digging without breaking the grip nor the blade. Perfect choice if you have the dough. < Click here for customers reviews and pricing >

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