Different Treatment Options For Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Hip pain is not uncommon for adults in every demographic group. Some pain is due to injuries, and some can be attributed to arthritis no matter what the age may be. Hip pain is very uncomfortable and usually requires rest to ease the pain, If after an injury the pain persists, a doctor may need to be seen. Often times pain from an injury will cease after a few days, but chronic hip pain may require more intense treatment. Joint pain can come on suddenly and last for hours. This usually happens when the bone, cartilage, or soft tissue surrounding the joint begins to wear away. The hip joint is a ball and socket that need the cartilage to keep the bones from rubbing together.

Hip Pain Treatment

Treatments for At Home


Many treatment options are offered for the relief of hip joint pain. The pain must first be diagnosed by a physician to determine the type of joint disorder a patient may be having. The doctor may recommend physical therapy as the necessary treatment. Exercise to keep the range of motion in the joint flexible is the most natural treatment that doctors will suggest. This treatment is especially helpful for injuries, and arthritis. Over the counter pain, medication may relieve pain and help reduce inflammation in the joints. These need to be steroidal, and anti-inflammatory. Another good suggested treatment is to lose weight if the patient is obese, or a little overweight. This will put less pressure on the joints and make mobility easier. The body loses 15 pounds of pressure for every five pounds that a person loses.


Aquatic therapy is also a great treatment for hip pain. This treatment does not need a doctor’s recommendation. Exercising in water takes the pressure of gravity away from the hip joint, and allows them to rotate smoothly with better control. Senior citizens are more at risk of having hip joint pain from arthritis due to their weakened immune systems, and reduced physical activity. Many older adults end up having hip replacement surgeries due to their inability to engage in other treatment options.


Relief of Hip Pain Through Non-surgical Aids


There are other alternatives to hip replacement surgery that can benefit people of all ages. Stem Cell Therapy is being used to treat many disorders and diseases including hip joint pain. A person has their own stem cells extracted to be replaced in their bodies to help heal the condition. Many mechanical aids like a brace that supports the back or knees can take the pressure off of the hip joints. This will greatly relieve hip joint pain as they have been proven very beneficial. Braces can also promote healing, and protect the hip joint from any further injury. People who play golf or tennis will find this as a beneficial long term treatment for their joint pain if they use it temporarily for these sports.


Using an ice pack on the point of pain is a long time home remedy that has proven itself favorable for the treatment of pain. Using the ice pack along with the non-steroidal over the counter medication will give relief to joint and hip pain by calming and relaxing the tissues surrounding the joint. The anti-inflammatory medications like any of the NSAIDS will serve the purpose. Another treatment for hip joint pain is Corticosteroid Injections are used to eliminate joint pain in the hips and knees as well. This procedure has a short term relief span of about two months.


All of the many alternatives to hip replacement surgery have been a great benefit to some people who have hip joint pain from various sources. It is as a last resort that doctors will do a hip replacement, usually after all other avenues have been explored. Finding out the reason for the hip joint pain is essential before starting some of the non-surgical alternatives. Knowing the source will help in the treatment. Much of the hip joint pain can happen over in the night. A person should know ahead of time what option they will be using in order to continue with a good night’s sleep.

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