7 Top Nails Designs for 2019

nails designs

We all need to look fantastic at all times. For that reason, we have to learn the best trends in the nail and hair industry. On top of that, women have to keep track of trending clothes and footwear. This makes them go for stylish clothes, hairstyles and well as nails designs. Many unique nail arts can make you look stylish for that special occasion either a date or even shooting a video. Below is a detailed discussion of the top nail designs you need to consider for the remaining of 2019.

nails designs

  1. Cow print


This a unique style that has come with celebrities. It involves a purely white nail with black dots. The color combination is unique and will make you be the talk of the town. You need to visit the best shop for the manicure, and you will get this unique design

cow print nails

  1. Pink and blue design


If you want to look like a celebrity, you need to try these unique nail design. It involves a pink color on the one hand and blue on the other hand’s nails. This design is mostly associated with pregnant women but can suit you very well.

Pink and blue design nails

  1. Pink chrome


This is an all pink design. The design is suitable for parties as well as photography. You only need to ensure that it is done by the right manicure expert in town to get that fine finish.

Pink chrome nails

  1. Iridescent Rainbow Claw


Rainbow claw has proved to be a good design for special occasions. It involves rainbow pastels with a holo finish. However, it has cold detailing. This is the design Rihanna used when she attended Fenty Show. The show was held in New York.

Iridescent Rainbow Claw nails

  1. Light nails with gems


This design requires you to have any light color and add some gems to make it more glamorous. You only need to choose the right polish and use little crystals to make it unique. You will definitely like this design.

Light nails with gems

  1. Light nails with metallic stripes


This is a top design that can make you look more professional. It involves any light color and metallic stripes. You can do it yourself, but it is advisable to hire a mani expert. You need to paint your nails with a light color. Then cut the metallic stripes and put them on the nail in stripes. Add a top coat, and you are good to go.

Light nails with metallic stripes

  1. Glam glitter


This design allows you to have a neutral shade on all the nails except one. The nail is covered with gold glitter. This makes the nail look glamorous and unique. You should do this design on long nails to get a perfect look.

glitter glam nails

Final thoughts


The nail industry has evolved, and many top nails designs are coming up every day. You need to consider your skin color and tone when you are selecting a design. Some nail designs are good with short nails while others are good for long nails. Therefore, try the above designs for nails for 2019, and you will look elegant.

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