6 Tips for a Beautiful Smile

Beautiful Smile

All of us know how important it is that our teeth reflect our personality and summer sunshine. And there is so much more to a beautiful smile than just brushing your teeth when you get up in the morning.

Who said a Hollywood smile is only reserved for Hollywood? Just because you live in New South Wales for instance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a blinding smile. And speaking of a blinding smile, here is how to achieve it.

1. Brush more often

It is a general recommendation to brush teeth both in the morning and before bed. And a lot of people will neglect the importance of brushing their teeth before bed – which is a hundred times worse than not brushing them in the morning. Why? While you are sleeping, your mouth produces a lot less saliva, which makes it easier for bacteria to inhabit the mouth. Furthermore, all that bacteria that got in your mouth during daytime will stay in there because you didn’t brush your teeth before bed.

Brush more often

However, that’s not all. Brushing your tongue is also important for both lowering the risk of tooth decay and bad breath. And speaking of brushing, consider switching to fluoride toothpaste, since fluoride is the best defense against tooth decay. It both kills germs and provides your teeth with a special protective barrier.


2. Talk to your dentist

Talk to your dentist

A Hollywood smile is not just about that blinding whiteness. It is also about health and shape of your teeth. And to be honest, most of us just aren’t blessed with 32 straight pearls arranged in our mouth in a horseshoe shape. This is why it is important to do your dental checkups regularly.

3. Braces

It is a common misconception that braces are only for kids. They work for everyone from 8 to 88. And if you have crooked teeth, it may be time to fix that.

There are there options to choose from: invisalign, regular metal braces and ceramic braces.


Invisalign is a clear plastic tray that is almost invisible while being worn and they are super practical because they can be removed daily for up to two hours so you can do your eating and brushing and flossing. And remember how I talked about New South Wales earlier? Well, check this out, you can get high quality invisalign braces – Metal braces are a slightly harsher solution that will definitely do wonders for your teeth, regardless to how crooked their appearance might be. Ceramics do the same job, but they are a lot less visible.

4. Whitening

If your teeth color is making you insecure, you can always opt for teeth whitening. There are two options for it – either with whitening strips or professionally. And while strips are an easier, more affordable at-home solution, having this done professionally will give you longer-lasting results – but there are some risks.

5. Be clever with makeup

 Be clever with makeup

If you love wearing lipsticks, here is one fun solution for you – you can create the illusion of whiter teeth by wearing blue-based lipsticks. It all revolves around the color wheel – blue hues cancel yellow hues when juxtaposed.

6. Don’t forget to floss

There are some specks you just cannot pull out, not even with the tiniest toothpick. Flossing is an important thing to do, and it takes approximately minute and a half of your time, so don’t be lazy about it. Your teeth will thank you.

Having a beautiful smile isn’t that hard at all, right?

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