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Rambo Survival Knife Review

When it comes to survival knives, people are generally thinking about Bear Grylls. Well, maybe those people who never heard about Rambo. For me, the knife from Rambo-First Blood is the best survival knife period. I mean, come on, it saved Rambo when he was in a

A short guide about military survival knives

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just a survivalist that’s preparing for the worst while expecting the best, one of the “must have” tools to own in your paraphernalia is a survival knife. Nonetheless if you have to choose the best tool for the job (survival that is),

Best Wilderness Survival Knife: Ultimate Guide

The best wilderness survival knife is a delicate topic. If you’d have to pick only one, to be your companion in a hairy situation, you’d find yourself in a bit of a confused. With so many options available, it might made your head spin. There’s a concept

Find the Best Tactical Knife: The Guide

Tactical knives are maybe the most popular and certainly most carried knives in the world. They have a “cool” reputation, they look bad-ass (most of them are black from head to toe for obvious reasons) and they are (or should be) quite different from regular knives. The

How to Choose The Best Survival Knife

If you stumbled upon this article, you must have a passion for knives, like yours truly. And choosing the best survival knife is not an easy choice to make; there are so many options out there, sometimes you can’t even decide where to start from. Let’s begin